Frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer standard payment options via CCBill, the world's largest adult payment processor. We recommend everybody to use credit or debit cards, everybody has one these days and it's 100% safe (encrypted data transfer + we don't have access to your credit card details at all, the American payment processor does all the work). We also offer online checks and EU bank transfer which is very popular in German for some reason. But bear in mind that bank transfer (direct debit) can last several days! So if you want immediate access, please pay by your card. If your account doesn't work and you already paid several days ago, please contact CCBill at, they can tell you more details about your transaction.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel membership via your CCBill profile. You will however lose all your member privileges (free credits for MyDrunkenStar, discounts, access to bonus projects).

How can I play the MP4 videos?

All the videos are in standard MPEG2 format (HD resolution: 1280x720px). We advise you to use either the standard Windows Media Player together with the newest set of K-lite codecs or the brilliant Pot Player which can play about every format you can imagine.

Why doesn't the streaming work properly?

Although we tested our streaming videos in all possible environments (Android, iPhone, Windows, all major browsers), occasional problems may occur. Some versions of Firefox seem to have problems with playing large files. We recommend you to use Google Chrome (it's the best and fastest browser anyway).

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