New year, new possibilities, new chances!

Date: January 8, 2017

Dear customers,

let me welcome you in year 2017 and also let me wish you all the best in your personal life and your job! New Year's Eve is always a non-alcoholic day for me and it's also a day I'm really looking forward to. After midnight I always drive to the Prague city center. This time I saw dozens of totally drunk girls and young women - and I helped the last one to get home. She told me she had drunk 6 large beers and half a liter of 40% alcohol called "Fernet". She was really wasted and I did a good deed on the first day of 2017 when I drove her to her home.

I'd like to explain what we decided to bring you this year. Last year we received many emails from people who didn't want to become long-term members of WDGirls but they still really wanted to download a couple of our masterpieces to find out what kind of videos we film. So we did not only quite a major change in the list of our videos to make the site much more easier to browse (you hated the looong pagination, didn't you? :-) but we also decided to offer WDGirls videos for purchase (for credits) at MyDrunkenStar.

This is not a risk - it's obvious that our loyal WDGirls members will always have many advantages compared to anybody else. You guys are getting free credits for our MDS/MPV videos every month, you will always have a discount at MDS (paying $9 instead of $15 for a video), you will be getting your bonus videos every six months, you have access to an archive with piss scenes, you can buy exclusive MDS videos which are available only for WDGirls members etc. But this step could make our content available to many more people and keep the whole concept of our drunk fetish sites alive.

I hope you enjoyed the January bonus and I can reveal we are already working on the script for the July video. As you know, we decided to start filming some amateur girls after a long break (and I had some sleepless nights before I agreed to that). And we actually filmed this January bonus shortly before amateur girls returned to WDGirls. So while the bonus seemed to be really special last summer, it may now seem similar to our normal projects in context of our recent excellent videos (despite the more luxurious settings). So I have another plan for the next bonus video. I want to film a video with three gorgeous girls who will spend the night partying in Prague. Their task will be to drink at least 10 cocktails on their "bar tour" and finish the night at an "afterparty" in our apartment. Of course, we can't film that before spring, we need a better weather and more light. But I'm sure it will be great!

So let's summarize everything. Changes in design, easier browsing of our site, new chances to get our WDGirls videos (at MyDrunkenStar), amateur girls and professional models, definitely more drunkenness (in one of the videos scheduled for January the girl peed herself while sleeping on a table) and a special bonus project. You have a lot to look forward to! I wish you (on behalf of our team) all the best and I hope you appreciate our effort and enjoy our videos! :-)


Merry Christmas!

Date: December 24, 2016

Dear members and friends,

before we spend this evening with our families at our Christmas trees please let me thank you for your continuous support. I won't bore you with any long messages on this special day, just remember there are far more important things in life than internet :-) Enjoy this Christmas time in peace, visit your families, play with your kids or just simply relax. And then after a couple days come back here for more drunk fetish videos ;-)

Many thanks for your support - we really appreciate it!

Radek - on behalf of our team

Power Pissing with Naomi

Date: October 15, 2016

Power-Pissing with Naomi - NOW ONLINE!

Naomi probably wants to compete with Annie for the title of the "Power Pissing Queen"! I invited her to my office and played her all of Annie's videos. She was watching them with obvious arousal and then just claimed she could do even better. It took us just five minutes to sign a contract and after one week 50 new videos were filmed. I couldn't believe how desperate to pee Naomi always was - in some cases she couldn't hold it and simply wet her pants. I did only very few cuts in the raw videos to help you enjoy these videos as much as possible. You will see Naomi pissing, masturbating, wetting her pants (or skirt or panties). And the most arousing experience for her is when she can pee on herself or (even better) on a guy. When she released her strong stream on a sleeping homeless guy under the bridge she immediately left the scene and just HAD TO MASTURBATE. She couldn't help herself! I was forbidden to film this particular scene but I was there to "help" her by crushing her nipples :-) These girls are very rare but they do exist - Naomi is sexually aroused by peeing! Download the whole batch of her 50 videos for just 50 dollars. Enjoyable experience in 4K resolution guaranteed! Buy Naomi's videos at!

News from the world of Wild & Drunk girls

Date: October 5, 2016

Drunk models, new survey

Dear members, autumn is here with its cold weather and rains. Most of us would prefer to stay in our warm homes but we're still ready to walk in Prague streets and get our girls drunk so that you can enjoy their devastation in the comfort of your homes. There's one decision we decided to make and we don't know yet if we succeed or not. Since the closure of our community back in 2014 we were filming mostly adult models. In the forthcoming weeks we'd like to do an experiment and return back to the old days by filming a couple of amateur girls as well. We'll simply give it a try - but don't expect to see those girls lying naked in public. These videos will have to be slightly different but perhaps we'll discover some new stars who will get close to Elisabeth, Helen, Nyia or Kate. We'll see what the future brings.

Anyway, we'd really appreciate if you could take part in our brand new survey. We're curious about your opinion on our new cameraman Jarda and we hope your wishes and needs will help us deliver the best possible videos!

Getting drunk or wasted?

Controversial topic. We're always encouraging the girls to drink more and more alcohol but we can't FORCE them. Every video is different just like every girl behaves or reacts to alcohol in a different way. Some girls are able to drink liters, some get drunk after three glasses of wine. Please, do not judge the quality of the videos by the amount of alcohol. Our videos have always been based on reality so please bear that in mind. Nobody wants to see fake drunkenness. We will always offer only true reality, even if in some cases the girl doesn't get as drunk as we'd want to see.

Bonus videos

We're working on a new bonus video (for January 1, 2017) which will become available only to our loyal members whose current membership lasts more than 6 months. There have been some changes in our plans so please wait what we come with - a promo video will be published shortly after the project is filmed. We're also still thinking of other ways to make a difference between our loyal customers and other people. What if we from time to time filmed an extra MDS video which could be purchased only by WDGirls members? Not only it would be safer for us (people from the "outside" wouldn't be able to download it at all) but perhaps it would be a nice motivation for you to stay with us. We'll always keep on trying to offer you everything we can to keep you happy.

Speaking of bonuses, we've uploaded more videos to the pissing archive. It's just an archive of pissing scenes from our past videos but it's a nice collection for all fans of this fetish. This archive is available to all WDGirls members who haven't cancelled their current membership.

New Power-Pissing coming soon

It's been seven months since we launched Power-Pissing where this 18-year-old girl Annie does really perverse things with (not only) her urine. Annie was often slightly drunk or staggering and we decided to continue in this direction - and even improve it. Just a couple weeks ago we've finished filming 50 brand new and absolutely incredible videos with Naomi (also known as Martina T.). Naomi drank 15 cans of beer, two bottles of wine and 5 beers in pubs during five days. The result? 10.5 liters of alcohol, masturbation, power pissing, wetting, peeing on herself or even other people. Incredible... this is something you can really look forward to if you're fans of peeing and alcohol. The website will be updated with these new videos somewhen in the forthcoming weeks (probably late October).

Streaming issues in iOS solved

Some of our members have reported playback issues in iOS 10. We have no idea what the Apple developers changed (again) but we have decided to rework the whole system of playing videos, displaying images and pop-up windows. Everything should be now working flawlessly in all browsers and on all platforms. There's an option to switch between two different players in each member's profile (that's the "Membership Info" link in the menu) but iOS members will be automatically offered the native player because there seems to be an issue with using the modern flowPlayer. These changes have been made at both WDGirls and MyDrunkenStar a couple days ago. If you experience any issues please let us know. (But before you e-mail us please: (1.) try a different browser - Chrome is highly recommended, (2.) make sure you are viewing the latest version of the page by refreshing the page using Ctrl-F5).

Enjoy life, enjoy this colorful autumn and we thank you for your support, it's much appreciated!

Radek and the whole WDGirls team

Welcome & appreciated changes

Date: August 22, 2016

Dear customers,

I think I've never written this blog for you in such a positive mood. After years of troubles with hackers this issue is basically solved and I will mention it only marginally. But there are some other major changes so let's sort them into logical parts and let's start with the biggest one - our new cameraman.

Behind the camera

We've been searching for a new cameraman who could help us with making our videos more attractive again. It's not that we wouldn't like to film these drunk fetish videos ourselves (with love and passion!) but we felt that we were losing our originality in the videos we had published in the spring. And we wanted to move on, bring something new. In the past we bought expensive equipment (you must know that part of the income is always invested into innovations) and changed our way of filming. And a couple months ago we did this major change. Some members complained about weaker videos with less drunkenness so we wanted to return back to the good old times with totally wasted girls - and our new cameraman can deliver that! The girls are so wasted that they can't walk or talk and often pass out. Don't worry, safety of the girls is our priority so I'm often present at the shooting to offer a helping hand.

On the paper

The scripts are simple now, it's impossible to come with complicated and original storylines. But the simplicity of the scripts is now compensated by the richness of the content itself. We're trying to film both outdoors and indoors, the girls often get wasted in public and of course we appreciate your feedback. If it wasn't for all the feedback, comments and ratings, we would be blind and we wouldn't have any idea what you guys do or don't like. So please remember to rate the videos. The more ratings the better idea we have about our new cameraman's work and that number is really the perfect feedback for our future videos.


To keep your loyalty we have to keep delivering some goodies. It has become almost a tradition that every half a year we bring a new special video for our loyal members. Due to summer holidays this video hasn't been shot yet but I personally would like to film at least two of these three girls together: Alice, Miky and Sophie. We'll see if I manage to persuade them - unfortunately most girls don't want to repeat their alcohol experience. Another reward is our piss archive which has been online for a couple months now (many people have asked for it in the past and over 50% of our members demand piss scenes in our videos). We still offer discounts for MDS & MPV videos (the latest videos have been incredible!) and also free credits can be claimed every month by our loyal members.


We have got rid of the hackers but they are still attacking us. Still it's a huge relief for us that we don't have to solve the difficult personal situations of our girls and their families. Just for your information: during 2015 we have reported (and deleted) over 100,000 of links to copyrighted images and videos. According to our information all the disasters were caused by just two people who used stolen credit cards to buy our videos. So I hope you can accept that thing with PIN codes and I really thank you for your patience. We're moving on, I'm sure there will be more news later this year and we may bring some alcohol scenes to LoveWetting as well. Speaking of other websites, many of you have really enjoyed the 50 unique piss/scat/wetting scenes with Annie at Well, we have managed to film 50 pissing scenes with the incredible Martina (also known as Naomi). I think you can look forward to them, she drank 5 beers every day and some bottles of wine were left empty too :-) These videos should get published somewhen in October.

On behalf of the whole WD Girls team I wish you warm summer, best of luck and many thanks for your support.


Site problems earlier this weekend

Date: July 03, 2016

We would like to apologize to all our members for the problems which occurred earlier this weekend. Our site was attacked by unknown hackers using the so-called DDoS (distributed denial of service) method which can be described as millions of computers accessing our site in the very same moment which inevitably results in slowing down the site and even making it unavailable for some shorts periods of time. This type of attack cannot be avoided - and actually cannot be fully solved either. We can just block large numbers of IP ranges (which is what we did) and the site is working normally now. If this type of attack happens again we will be able to react faster now.

(This type of attack has only one purpose - to disable the website, to make it unavailable, to damage the business of the site owner. It has nothing to do with user accounts so don't worry, your passwords are safe :-)

Many thanks for understanding and for your patience
WDGirls team

Five years with WD Girls!

Date: April 05, 2016

Dear members and friends of drunk fetish,

five years are enough for a teenager to become a grown-up and it's also enough to change one's view or opinions. And we have gone through several changes as well. Since the 2014 crisis we've gone in a different way. Our own conscience does not allow us to invite the innocent young students that we used to film back in 2011-2013. Due to no fault of our own they often got into serious personal troubles so we decided to hire only "suitable" models who sign a special contract which mentions the possibility of our videos being stolen and published somewhere else. Of course, that means that we aren't able to hire the most beautiful and young girls. Our current models are also hot but it may not be possible to film such superb projects as we did between 2011-2013. On the other hand I think that "golden age" is a bit overestimated. Look at Veronika, Martina, Sara, Adela - even our current girls can be beautiful and got wasted in the same time! So we're still trying to pick hot chicks for our projects but it's more and more difficult - also because part of our time (and expenses) is wasted on filming videos which prove to be unusable (either the technical quality is bad or the girl doesn't get drunk as much as we'd want to see). So dozens of videos have already been trashed because they didn't deserve your attention. We want to offer you only the best footage we can film. Some of our videos may not be that successful and some of the models may not become your favorites but that's life - each of us has different preferences.

I'm happy to announce we're still growing (28.5% annually). The amount of cancellations is the lowest in our history and the rating of most projects is very high. The new camera, equipment and SW filters seem to be appreciated. We have regular meetings regarding scripts/scenarios and we also pick only the highest quality alcohol. The average price of a bottle of vodka is USD 40 and we pick beautiful bottles whenever possible. Everything must be perfect!

In July our loyal members will get access to an interesting video with our regional Miss 2014 & 2015 and the Party Girl of 2015 - Miss Bella. We've just published a free archive with 7 hours of piss scenes. Judging by your positive feedback I think you guys appreciate that. Unfortunately some of our members keep reporting our scat & vomit scenes to CCBill (and we have to delete them). Some of the visitors also wondered if we had rights to use music in our promo videos and once again we had to explain and prove these things to authorities. These "behind the curtain" troubles are something you don't have to worry about, we have to deal with those. I hope you will stay loyal to us so that we can celebrate together the 10th anniversary in year 2021. I'm really looking forward to that :-)

Thank you for your continuous support on behalf of our whole team !
Radek (producer)

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2016!

Date: December 22, 2015

Dear customers and friends of drunk fetish,

one year is a really long period of time and I'd like to get back to what we've changed and done for you. If we travelled in time back to early 2015 the design of WDGirls would be a shock for people who are used to the current situation. The projects had 8 small parts, the design was old-fashioned and everything was harder to find, the projects were shot with a cheaper camera and the community was locked. But we are moving forward and next year will mark our 5th anniversary on the adult entertainment market! Most of the old WDGirls concept has radically changed since then. In February this year we bought a high-end camcorder and while its top quality Carl Zeiss lens was filming a bunch of wasted and naked young girls a web designer was preparing a new face for our website. In April we published this new version - and with new content. We had announced the deletion of most old projects in advance and I could finally have a good sleep after a reall long time. All the videos were deleted from our servers forever and I could close a very sad and stressing chapter of my life. I don't want to repeat the whole story again and again but this step was the only solution to what had happened to all the innocent models who became victims of all the human scum who stole our videos and published them online for everybody. So since April we've been offering most projects in two big parts, we enabled HTML5 streaming and continued working. There will be undoubtedly more changes in the future and hopefully most of them will be positive.

Now I'd like to address our loyal customers who don't just pay for a 1-month membership, download all videos and leave. We appreciate mainly those who help us cover all the expenses on filming new projects. We are really grateful for the invisible support in form of a symbolic monthly fee. And trust me, dear customers, that we're also thinking hard about doing something for you. Just a summary: you are getting about 4 projects (75 minutes each) per month, that's 300 minutes of drunk fetish fun. You can claim your free MDS credits and download a fifth project on MyDrunkenStar. We have also lowered the prices of all MPV projects - just for you, members of WDGirls. You are also getting two special projects every six months. By the way, just the budget for the New Year's project with Helen was over $2000. Did I forget something? Oh yes, somewhen around Christmas we always publish a totally free bonus project. So to summarize everything: you get over 60 hours of new and exclusive projects every year, also 12 free MDS projects and 3 special bonus projects. That's 65 full projects per year. Many of you loyal customers are our friends, we communicate on daily basis and I'd really like to shake your hand and thank you personally for not cancelling your membership and supporting us in both good times and bad times but that's not possible. So let me thank you at least in this way. We really appreciate your support!

The changes in 2016 will be mostly related to MyDrunkenStar. The concept of cards wasn't very popular and we decided to change it. Each model likes a different type of alcohol and we can't force them to drink something else - in fact we want them to drink their favorite alcohol and make sure she gets really drunk. So the MDS projects will be basically very similar to WDGirls videos. We're also planning another special bonus projects for summer 2016, our current idea is to film it with girls who were very popular this year. How about Martina or Jane? These two experienced ladies could perhaps drink with our innocent angel - young Dee? Just wait and see what we prepare for you. Another change is that we probably won't be able to find 50 new girls for WDGirls this year, some of the previous girls will probably return back. We'll probably run a survey to find out which girls you'd like to see again. Of course we'll TRY to find new models but we can't guarantee we will succeed.

I'd also like to wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas, no matter where in the world you are. I also wish you good health, happiness and success in 2016. We thank you very much for your continuous support and we will be happy if you decide to stay with us in 2016.

Radek, the producer - on behalf of the team

Special project with Helen for loyal members - live from the location

Date: August 25, 2015

Dear customers, we're filming the special bonus project with Helen today and we decided to bring you an online report from the location. Technically it's not possible to do it like you're used from football streams :-) but at least we'll publish a couple of short videos that my colleague shoots with his iPhone. She's possibly our biggest star, hence the fuss ;-) Remember this is a project that will be available only for customers who will stay us for at least 6 months in a row.

Short video snippet part 1 - Helen in the train [01:30 PM]
Short video snippet part 2 - Helen on the sofa [05:15 PM]
Short video snippet part 3 - Helen chatting with drunk fetish fans [midnight]

Watch the free video preview in the members section!

Opening the community again

Date: July 1, 2015

Dear customers,

y ?? I started doing some more sports activities recently because my body clearly needs to be "improved". And during one of those 50km cycling trips I found a parallel with our website. We also need to keep improving, to offer more than ever before. And that's why earlier this year we redesigned our websites, we bought new expensive equipment which significantly improved the technical quality of our videos and we got hi-tech video codecs. We offer faster streaming and just recently we enabled the option to add comments to each of the videos. We are always happy when you write your feedback and when we know that our work makes sense.

And that is actually why we decided to reopen our community (this time hopefully forever). We had to do this step in order to survive on this small (but interesting) market. We were hidden in the shadows for fifteen months but now it's time to open our site to the world. And it's been a tough period. We are really grateful to loyal customers who stayed with us in those times but we couldn't keep our community closed forever. We have (and want) to offer you the same amount of projects without any compromises. For example during May and June we published a total amount of 12 drunk fetish projects (WD + MDS). And we also want to offer you something special - a bonus for your loyalty. I spent quite a lot of time thinking about what you'd like to see. I approached some of the biggest WD stars (Kate, Elisabeth, Helen, Martina and others) and got only one positive response. So when Helen returns back from her holiday in southeast Asia I will film a very special project with her. It will be the most expensive projects in our history, just Helen herself will receive over $600 from me and we will rent a luxurious hotel room (we consider 5* hotels such as Radisson Blu, Hilton or Four Seasons) and buy the best alcohol possible. Even our customers can influence the script - let us know what Helen should do or what you'd like to see there. (Of course nothing is 100% certain, many girls refuse to star in our projects in the very last minute so we can't vouch for her).

If you stay with us you will also keep your access to cheaper MDS projects, you will be able to claim your free download credits and we still guarantee at least one new WD project every 8 days. Besides HD and SD versions there's always an option of easy and fast streaming.

More steps will follow and we will keep you informed about them. Please, rate the projects and write comments below them. Feedback is important although during the past four years we found out that each of you have different preferences and it's simply not possible to please everybody. Mainly when we really don't know how the project will end - each model can handle big amounts of alcohol in her own way.

Thank you on behalf of our team that you are still with us and supporting us. Without you we wouldn't be here - and that would be a shame ;-)

Thank you
Radek, producer

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Adding comments and reviews now possible

Date: May 21, 2015

You are now welcome to add a short and simple review to each video you download. There is a 150-character limit but it should be sufficient to let us know which video you liked so that we know what to film for you! (For obvious reasons you are not allowed to review videos you haven't downloaded :-)

NEW WD Girls

Date: April 1, 2015

Dear friends of drunk fetish!

Never ever have I ever thought our website would survive four years - and get a new design on its fourth birthday. There are several reasons why our website with drunk girls might have failed in the past years. The drunk fetish market is small (compared to most typical adult sites) and it was really hard to imagine it would bring us enough income to earn a living and even allow us to pay to our models! We were also afraid we might get into troubles for supporting alcoholism or some similar nonsense. But nobody has sued us, our website is still 100% legal. We are here for you now in 2015 and who knows, perhaps we'll celebrate the 10th anniversary one day - after filming hundreds of successful drunk projects.

What you see here is the first version of our reworked website. There will be some minor changes made in the forthcoming months (easier navigation, intro page etc.). All the current projects will be now available only in complete form, the streaming will work much better and faster than before (even on most mobile phones) and overall everything should be more transparent and easier to use. Of course, we'll appreciate if you could rate our projects because that's what helps us bring better videos in the future.

So we have changed our logo, the website design, we also have new equipment and we are ready to film new projects. What has NOT changed is our will to show you how Czech girls can booze, we want you to see how they piss outdoors on the pavement or even indoors on the table. We want to show you everything you've been asking us for and what you're dreaming of. We highly appreciate your support and it's a motivation for us to film new projects. We hope you stay loyal to our website in the future and we hope you like at least some of the changes.

We appreciate all the feedback and opinions regarding the new design.
Radek & the WD Girls team

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